Your contribution will enable the Hilgos Foundation to include more deserving art students in its scholarship program--each one of whom will have designed a project reaching out to help people with memory impairment. The Hilgos program has a record of success--but there are so many more students, with impressive but still unfunded projects, ready to engage the growing numbers of those who need help. Your donation can make a direct and important difference in so many lives.

Based on the success of the students' program, the film "I Remember Better When I Paint" has been shown in local community venues and major museums. With your help we can now bring the film to a national audience. We hope you will help sponsor these educational projects.


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Dear Friends, Many thanks to those of you who have donated. We are still trying to increase our activity level via our website so that we can show our award winning film on nationwide television. Please use the donate button to the left on this page to help us share our message. Many thanks. Berna

We hope you’ll help us tell the story of how art can help people cope more effectively with Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s is the only top ten cause of death without a prevention, treatment or cure. What recourse then for those living with memory impairment? The documentary "I Remember Better When I Paint," narrated by Olivia de Havilland, shows how the creative arts can improve the quality of life for people living with Alzheimer’s. The film documents people with memory impairment creating or experiencing visual and musical art; interviews with neurologists and other health care professionals; and visits to senior centers, nursing homes and museums in the U.S. and abroad — the film educates and provides hope to caregivers. You can read more about the project in this article published recently in the Vancouver Sun:


The Hilgos Foundation, co-producer of the documentary and a registered nonprofit, has started a campaign to broadcast the documentary to a wider audience on television. Even the smallest contribution of $1 will help towards the sponsorship of the broadcast.

Note: If you are a United States tax payer, your contribution will be tax-deductible, and a tax receipt will be sent.

Even if you are unable to help financially, you can still help us by sharing our campaign with your friends on social media – every Tweet, Facebook or G+1 post helps. Thank you for your help – with your support we can bring the message of the positive impact of the creative arts on people who have Alzheimer’s to a wider audience.

Hilgos Foundation Team